Partner Organizations

Obtaining employment may be as simple as an updated resume or involve the resolution of multiple barriers to employment.

Partner organizations assist with the resolution of those barriers, including but not limited to, transportation, childcare, work/interview clothing, healthcare, work accommodations, high school equivalency completion, or legal issues.

WorkOne maintains a relationship with over 70 partner organizations in southwestern Indiana through regularly scheduled meetings, an email distribution list, a digital partner referral system, and one-to-one contact between partner agencies.

Career Coaching

WorkOne offers one-on-one career guidance and counseling.

Career Coaches are with you step-by-step through the job seeking process. We assist you in developing an individualized job search plan and help you to develop the skills and marketability needed to stand out to employers.

Hiring Events

The WorkOne Career Center offers hiring events and job fairs that attract employers throughout the Southwest Indiana area. In-person events and virtual events give job seekers the opportunity to connect with employers and learn about their current job openings. Check our calendar for upcoming events!

Employment Assistance

WorkOne assists job seekers with obtaining high-wage, in-demand careers through one-on-one career coaching, career exploration, skills assessments, career fairs and networking events, and referrals from the WorkOne Business Service Team.

Jobs For America’s Graduates

JAG is a state-based, national non-profit dedicated to helping high school students of promise who have experienced challenging or traumatic life experiences achieve success through graduation.

Occupational Skills Training

To compete in today’s job market, you need to be prepared with the latest skills. WorkOne provides financial assistance to those who qualify and want to pursue a training certification or degree through a number of post-secondary institutions.

Get the skills you need to secure a job in a high-demand field such as Healthcare, Information Technology and Business Services,

Advanced Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Building and Construction, and many other fields. Visit our News and Events page for opportunities!

Work-Based Learning

Work Experience Program

Get your foot in the door! WorkOne’s Work Experience Program will arrange an internship with a local company to help you build your skills and network while earning a paycheck.

Registered Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship is a long-standing model that combines paid on-the-job learning and formal classroom instruction to help a person master the knowledge and skills needed for career success.

WorkOne offers workshops to help job seekers stay current in the ever-changing job market. Facilitators cover topics like professionalism, resumes, interview skills, social media, job seeking strategies, Microsoft Office products, and more.

Job Search Strategies

WorkOne’s Job Search Strategies workshop clearly outlines the do’s and don’ts of a resume so that you can build an effective, modern resume that will catch the eye of an employer. This workshop will also teach you how to use networking to unlock the hidden job market and craft an elevator pitch that will help you feel confident in any professional setting.

Ace Your Interview

Do you get interview anxiety? Are you concerned that you aren’t up to date on what’s expected in an interview? Our Ace Your Interview workshop will help you overcome those fears by increasing your interview knowledge and confidence. This workshop will focus on topics such as preparing for the interview, learning how to respond to different types of interview questions, appropriate follow-up practices, and more.

Leveraging LinkedIn

Learn how to network, job search, and create an exceptional online presence through LinkedIn. While facilitated by a WorkOne Team Member, information for our Leveraging LinkedIn workshop comes straight from the experts at LinkedIn. We will focus on optimizing your profile, navigating LinkedIn, and understanding best practices to ensure a great LinkedIn experience. LinkedIn is not just your online resume. LinkedIn is your online reputation.

Rosetta Stone

This self-guided workshop allows you to use the Rosetta Stone software to learn Spanish or English as a Second Language.

Computer Basics

The Computer Basics workshop is for those who are new to computers or feel they need more instruction before they can feel confident in using a computer.

Microsoft Office Choice

Microsoft Office Choice is a full-day workshop where you will advance your skills in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Quickbooks, and HTML.

Microsoft Office Plus

Microsoft Office Plus is a half-day workshop that allows you to continue advancing your skills in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Quickbooks, and HTML. Microsoft Office Choice is a prerequisite for this workshop.

IC3 Digital Literacy Certification

This workshop prepares a person to test for the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification. IC3 is a benchmark to gauge a person’s understanding of computer systems like hardware, software, firmware, networking, and computer literacy. This workshop is self-guided and self-paced.

WorkOne Orientation

Sign up for a WorkOne Orientation to meet one-on-one with a WorkOne Team Member to learn about all of the free services that are offered at the WorkOne Career Center.