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Policy Statements

SOP 24-03 Foreign Labor Certifications

SOP 24-02 Language Accessibility

SOP 24-01 Data Integrity

SOP 23-07 VOS Greeter

SOP 23-06 Social Media Management

SOP 23-05 Change 1 MSFW

SOP23-04 Change 1 National Dislocated Workers Grants (NDWG)

SOP 23-03 Apprenticeship Grants

SOP 23-02 Change 1 Data Validation

SOP 23-01 Change 1 WIOA Individual Training Account Funding

SOP 22-07 Non-formula Grant Performance Management

SOP 22-06 Multiple Roles in Local Workforce Area

SOP 22-05 On-the-Job Training


SOP 22-03 Rapid Response

SOP 22-02 Change 2 Safeguarding Protected Information

SOP 22-01 Change 1 Co-enrollment and Common Exit

SOP 21-09 WIOA Youth Program Elements Change 2

SOP 21-08 WIOA A and DW Eligibility

SOP 21-07 ETPL & Training Provider Eligibility

SOP 21-03 Regionally Elected Youth Barrier

SOP 21-02 Revision 2 Supportive Services

SOP 21-01 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Change 1 Service Delivery

SOP 20-05 Change 1 One-Stop American Job Center Certification

SOP 20-04 TAA Co-enrollment Revision 1

SOP 20-03 User Experience (formerly Customer Flow) Policy

SOP 20-01 WIOA Title I Adult Priority of Service Revision 2

SOP 19-05 Required Roles & Responsibilities of DVOP and LVER

SOP 19-04 Local Workforce Development Boards and Chief Elected Officials Change 3

SOP 19-03 Memorandum of Understanding and Infrastructure and Additional Costs

SOP 19-02 State Performance Metrics

SOP 18-05 Change 2 Educational Functioning Levels

SOP 18-04 WIOA Youth Experience Change 1

SOP 18-03 WorkOne Managerial Structure and Functional Manager Roles and Responsibilities

SOP 18-02 WorkINdiana Implementation and Administration

SOP 17-06 Revision 1 Financial Interest and Conflict of Interest

SOP 17-05 Youth Eligibility Change 2

SOP 17-03 Selective Service

SOP 17-02 Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

SOP 17-01 Procurement

SOP 16-10 Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses

SOP 16-08 Sub-Recipient Monitoring Policy

SOP 16-07 Reporting Procedures for Suspected Violations in the Admin of Grant Resources

SOP 16-06 Sectarian Activity

SOP 16-04 Nepotism

SOP 15-12 Electronic Participation in Meetings

SOP 15-11 Property Management

SOP 15-07 Incumbent Worker Training and Reimbursement

SOP 15-01 Work Experience

SOP 12-03 WorkOne Brand Policy

SOP 12-01 Media Inquiry Policy

SOP 11-08 Dress Code Policy Revision 1

SOP 08-17 Limited Personal Use of State Resources

SOP 08-13 Lactation Support Policy

SOP 08-11 Document Shredding and Confidentiality Policy

SOP 08-09 Record Retention 2

SOP 08-07 Smoke-Free WorkOne Centers and Express Sites